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This controller is a PID temperature controller with auto tuning facility for controlling temperature in a refrigerated circulating bath. It is designed around a powerful micro-controller. As such, it is compact, very rugged and user-friendly. The field wiring is brought on to plug-in type of connectors, thereby reducing down time. The Man-Machine-Interface (MMI) consists of a 16 characters by 2 line LCD display with back lit, 6 – keys membrane keypad. The instrument accepts RTD sensor (1 no). The indicating accuracy is ± 0.1 °C throughout the range (-10.0 to 180.0 °C). The control accuracy is ± 0.5 °C. Sensor break indication is provided and is displayed as “OPEN”. The bath medium (Coolant, Water or Oil) must be programmed in the controller in order to choose the right PID parameters for precise control. The operating temperature range for each medium is fixed viz :
Coolant : -10.0 to 40.0 °C
Water : 0.0 to 90.0 °C
Oil : 90.0 to 180.0 °C

Once, the medium is changed in the controller, the control set point must be checked to see if it lies in the corresponding control range.
There is a Soak timer (Range : 1-999 mins) provided which starts when the bath temperature has reached the control set point. During this time, the temperature is maintained at the control set point by the in-built PID control algorithm. It is an PID on-off type of control with a SSR(solid state relay) drive output. The heater status is shown on the LED marked ‘OP 1’.

There is a relay output for the compressor, which comes on if the compressor is enabled and after the compressor delay has timed out. However, if the control set point or the process temperature is above 55.0 °C, the compressor output will cut off. The compressor status is shown on the LED marked ‘OP 2’.
Audio and visual alarm indications are provided for the following events:
• Sensor open.
• Temperature beyond alarm limits.
• Cycle over (audio alarm for 30 seconds).

To acknowledge these events, press the ENTER key. The audio alarm is off, but the visual indication remains till the fault or event has reset. Real time recording is provided with up to 6000 readings storage capacity. The real time clock & calendar chip keeps time. It is battery backed with an auto re-chargeable Ni-Cd battery. The logging starts only when the temperature has reached the control set point and stops when the soak timer has elapsed. The logging interval is user selectable (1 – 99 minutes). For example, if logging interval is set to 1 minute, 100 hours of data can be stored; whereas, if logging interval is set to 45 minutes, approximately 6 month of data can be stored.

WARNING :- After 6000 memory locations have been logged, the new data is over written on memory location 1 onwards. The printing is not on-line, but only on request. The printer should be attached to the unit only when a hard copy is needed. This implies that only one printer is needed for many bath units. Pressing the P key, will download the stored data.

The print interface is a serial interface type: RS 232 C with selectable baud, 1 start bit, 8 data bits and no parity bit. As such, it is directly compatible with any dot matrix printer with RS 232 C port e.g. LX-300,
LX-300+ (EPSON). The data can also be downloaded to a computer via its Hyper Terminal utility.

  1. Size. :- 96 x 96 x 120 mm (L x B x D)
2. Panel cut – out :- 90 x 90 mm.
3. Operating Voltage :- 230 VAC +/- 10 % @ 50 Hz.
4. Analog I/P :- Pt. 100 – 3 wire.
5. Range :- -10.0 to 180.0 °C
6. Indicating Accuracy :- + / - 0.1 ° C (linearised throughout the range)
7. Control Accuracy :- +/- 0.5 ° C.
8. Heat Control Output :- SSR drive output (DC to AC SSR)
9. Compr Control Output:- Relay potential free contacts 1C/O,230VAC/6A.
10. MMI :- 16x2 LCD Panel, 6 Key Membrane Keypad.
11. Log memory :- 6000 readings.
12. Log interval :- Settable from 1 – 99 mins.
13. Printer interface :- RS232 C serial interface.
14. Interface details :- Selectable baud, 1 start bit, 8 data bits, no parity bit, data send only.
15. Clock- Calendar :- Built – in RTC module with Ni -Cd cell.
16. Audio Alarm :- Piezo electric buzzer.
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