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This model DL-8M2 has provision for user-setting an 8 digit alphanumeric BATCH number and also a 32-character header which could be the company’s name or the process name, etc which are printed on every page header.

The instrument is an 8 channels RTD scanner cum data logger. It is designed around a powerful micro-controller. As such, it is compact, very rugged and user-friendly. The indicating range is from –50.0 deg C to + 300 deg C linearised to + / - 0.1 deg C. The 8 RTD connections are brought on to plug-in connector, thereby reducing down time. The Man-Machine-Interface (MMI) consists of a 16 characters by 2-line LCD display with back lit, 6 – keys membrane keypad.
The instrument accepts 8nos. RTD sensors for indication only. Sensor break indication is provided and is displayed as “OPEN” against the process value.

The date, time & the 8 channels temperature are logged as per the set log interval time. A total of 2900 line records can be stored (Expandable on request). When requested to print, the data is dumped to any RS232 compatible serial printer. The baud rate is programmable in this instrument to match the printer baud rate. The data can also be grabbed by the “HyperTerminal” application found on the PC.

  1. Size. :- 96 x 96 x 120 mm (L x B x D)
2. Operating Voltage :- 230 VAC +/- 10 % @50 Hz OR 12VDC.
3. Analog Inputs :- 8 nos. Pt. 100 – 3 wire.
4. Range :- -50.0 °C to + 300.0 deg C.
5. Indicating Accuracy :- + / - 0.1 °C (linearised throughout the range)
6. MMI :- 16x2 LCD Panel, 6 Key Membrane Keypad.
7. Printer Port :- RS232 Serial interface with programmable baud (1200 to 19200)
8. Total records :- 2900 lines records maximum.
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